Sunday, 30 October 2016

Top Tech Podcasts of 2016

First of all thanks to all those creative people making the podcasts listed below.

However good or bad I claim the podcasts reviewed below to be, their creators are doing something I couldn't do; which is to make a podcast.

And here we go...

The 361 Degrees Podcast

Ben Smith, Ewan MacLeod, Rafe Blandford

This has maintained its high standard this year though the 'seasons' thing where they disappear for weeks on end is disconcerting. How dare they go out there to earn their livings instead of supplying us with weekly podcasts? If you have never listened to this before imagine what would happen if the BBC decided to put out a programme about technology on Radio 4. It would sound like this.

All About Windows Phone

Steve Litchfield and Rafe Blandford

One remarkable thing is that many other tech podcasters listen in to this podcast despite their stated misgivings about Windows Phone because the standard of broadcasting is so high. Another remarkable thing is that Windows Phone still exists at all despite Microsoft having a mobile phone marketing strategy designed, apparently, for them by their competitors. Microsoft should send these genial presenters oodles of money for their efforts to keep the Microsoft flag flying in the mobile phone world.  

The Phones Show Chat

Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon

Another favourite of mine. One hour or so of interesting chatter about mostly Android phones. A particular enjoyable feature is that these presenters can talk about the iPhone without a trace of fanboyism and adulation.

CNET UK Podcast

Rich Trenholm and Andrew Hoyle

This podcast has turned a corner with the departure of a previous presenter and it is now a really good listen. There is the occasional welcome visit from the equally knowledgeable Katie Collins.

Tech Talk UK podcast

Kevin Wright, Nick Robinson and Richard Yates

It has gone weekly. When there was a dip in listener figures "Kev" recently asked his followers what was wrong. Various people pointed out to him that the constant clock-ticking warmth expressed about Apple was getting tedious and to their great credit the presenters have reigned all that in. Updated on Jan 10 2017 - Well, a few weeks on and the podcast has reverted to being mostly a hymn of praise for Apple and its products. This is a pity because the lead presenter has what Steve Litchfield rightly called "a good radio voice". Updated on Feb 17 2017 The iPhone has now slipped in the charts to number 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus reigns supreme for this exasperating but entertaining presenter. podcast

Matt Burgess and others

I had to stop listening this year because of uptalk or upspeak or HRT whatever this vile vocal tick is called. I mentioned how I disliked this habit on Twitter and was chased down the street by sweary females because it is apparently a woman's right to talk in upspeak? I hate hearing it used by men too? I wish everyone would stop speaking like this?

Tech Tent

Rory Cellan-Jones

A tech podcast as fascinated by the world of AI, VR and drones as the public isn't. An occasional programme is worth a listen.


Review to come.

Tech's Message

Nate Lanxon, Ian Morris

Review to come.

The TechXpats Podcast 

Stephen Penny and others

Disappeared rather disappointingly in June.

The PC Pro Podcast

Darien Graham-Smith, Tim Danton and Barry Collins

After a hiatus it's back and literally better than ever because they have their best presenters on the show. This podcast deserves to be much better known and the team ranges far and wide over different fields of technology. The sound quality is variable but the content is very good.

The Tech Addicts Podcast

Contains teeth-grindingly awful uptalk and I had to give up listening which is a pity because otherwise the programme is worth catching for its well-informed content. 


If the Blue Peter production team decided to start making tech podcasts they could sound like this. Unerringly, excruciatingly worthy and then some. Recent topics include using Twitter to promote social justice in India, launching a plan for an online map to show innovation and curb loss in the food chain, gene sequencing machines and sourcing tech component minerals from ethical mines. Yes, I know they're all important. Yes, I know. I feel I have to mention Click because it is a tech podcast and it is produced by the Beeb but I remain forever astonished that a tech podcast could make technology sound this dull.

These are my top four tech podcasts of 2016 in no particular order.

  The 361 Degrees Podcast

  All About Windows Phone

  The Phones Show Chat

  The PC Pro Podcast

Apologies for some of the uncontrollable bonkers formatting caused by the otherwise good  

Many thanks for reading my blog.

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