Monday, 19 October 2015

Why I have closed my Twitter Account

I was never an avid user of Twitter but of late I've found myself using it less and less. While it has tweets from the reflective, witty and cheerful there are far too many posts of the most spiteful and hateful type by the most spiteful and hateful and I have never bought arguments along the lines of the yes but Adolf Hitler was kind to animals type as a defence.

Let me just reflect on some of Twitter's ignoble contributions of recent times.

Twitter gave a platform for the professionally outraged to hound a Nobel Prize winning scientist from his post over a weak joke about women making unsuitable scientists as they were too attractive in science labs.

Twitter gave a voice to a hateful mob of acolytes when they praised a racist bigot who became, irony of ironies, an equality officer at a university.

Twitter helped the anarchic pimpled and pierced ones to raise an obscure politician from deserved obscurity to leader of Her Majesty's Opposition and all this means that we now stand only one election meltdown moment of madness away from having a Trotskyist as PM, leaving NATO and using the famous white flag policy as our principal first line of defence.

As a parting shot.

Just what is Twitter anyway?

The market doesn't know as the recent sackings at Twitter HQ reveal. Will we all in five year's time look back and say, "What was all that Twitter thing about anyway?" I think so. A way for those seeking real friends to find "friends" or "likes" or whatever buzz-word is voguish.

So, I will leave Twitter today to the hateful and the spiteful and to you, brave souls, who can bear them.

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